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Model work boats under constructionBy John Marsdon Watkins – Apr 16, 2012(786 views)1 star2 stars 3 stars4 stars5 stars

This is my workshop whare i build the model work boats, The boat on the left is a Chesapeake bay buy boat, the William K. under construction. 36 inches long x 10 inches wide. Allmost finished and is for sale $130.00 plus 16.00 shipping.The other boat is a Chesaoeake bay work boat built for a customer and is sold . I can build a custom model for you from your or my me for a free quote .I am a artist and professional model maker, i draw the plans,make all the parts and assemble in my studio shop . These are not kits and are not a toy suitable for nautical display and not for water usage.It takes abt 30 days to fully complete.I keep the price very affordable because i am retired and do this for pleasure
Medium: wood , paint

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