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Buy art directly from our artists – feel the good!

Our artists sell art on the Honor System, which means the money from your purchase goes fully to support their artistic efforts. So you can feel good and get something that's easy on the eyes at the same time!

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Buying art on Foundmyself - how it works

One of the many things that sets the Foundmyself art community apart from the rest is that we let the artist sell art commission free.
When you buy art using Foundmyself you are truly supporting the artist!

Buying art

  • When you buy art, you're directly supporting that individual
  • We let our artists sell their art commission free
  • Artists give back to the site when and how they want

On the art for sale

  • Transactions are between you and the artist
  • Foundmyself is not involved in purchases
  • All details of the sale are handled by you and the person from whom you're buying

We're a free community

  • We're a group of artists and art lovers
  • Creatives of all skill levels welcome
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