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Gates And Nimbus

Gates And Nimbus


Jan 11, 2017 – (116 views)

Painting the coding of the pathways of the universal soul door to the supreme identity of the divine self guided by the simplicity of the divine celestial mind & orishas. NunRaEl is stated while projecting the joys of the musical reiki healing tuning of the channeling fringe of peaceful seek to the divine source finding space and nature at itself purpose set true to the clarity sights of point and circle. Another rambling sight of the abstract sublime artsy in therapeutic healing source to inspire the following rage of knowing thyself. Open the gates, my child, my child, open the pathways of the chosen one. Knowing I am that I am, and I am here before your image and set above and beneath your self. Where is your Light in all the space without a sun in the sky nearby your constellations in connection to this doorway of nature creative heavens in painting, but with each Red Lion's Grip reflecting the mirrors of the Orange Sol de Magi. The Ash of their dust, being that they who are thou self impeccableness seeks more from the ego not selflessness in charity to those who are charitable without notion of returning any gains besides the cycles of nature being fruitful to accommodating one's choice of lifestyle celestially. From this dust this wood is created to paint upon this story in fact there is a dream to be shined upon. Look closely my child, look closely into the door and see there are many that lead to thee. Awareness is key. Open door if your aware that the key is only the eye in will we all obtained before birth as energy. What is your nature, and the keystone will turn into the true everlasting light which only allows those who are in seek of the true everlasting celestial self. Be divine in your seek. Remember freewill, indeed to where your adventure takes your exploring travel elevated by the corona and gates of nimbus.

*note: a portion of this price goes to charity and funding for a youth spiritual facility to help community building cordial moral va