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Hence de Magi Ordo / The Mighty Acts of the Red Lion's Grips

Hence de Magi Ordo / The Mighty Acts of the Red Lion's Grips


Jan 11, 2017 – (125 views)

Specially painted in impressionist eye of the Red Lion's Great Magic Ordo crowned by The Earth's Heavenly Hence to heal Oneself. This healing is prevailed by the act of the will of self nature to design the purpose to preserver beyond the fringe of settling for sickness without cure. The piece presented has the chi of healing reiki beneath the strokes of this painting to release the force of this nature. The core root healing is as the Red Lion fences the discovery of the Green Labyrinth Maze whispering into the winds of Oya. These winds are protected by the oracle bliss of methodology held in the new age NuReiQii formed by an Asiatic Child of Babalou Aye and guided by the clairvoyance upon the pathways of Eleggua's Child. In the structure of this story is a creative fantasy of the dream painted into the strokes of this masterpiece crafted even in title: "Hence de Magi Ordo" also known as "The Mighty Acts of the Red Lion's Grips". Although, the names of the characters in this storyline has African roles as their talented fusion to the symbolic factors crafted to redefine as one learns about the Red Lion's Grip upon the Leveling Adepts upon each precept on precept. Even in the depths of the minds of the sea this wisdom is measured to the limits of this healing historical maze. Take a look into the painting and see the Orange kneels before the homage of Sol Corona of the purpose will is at itself inevitable preformation to recite the names of the stars as its children enlightening the Earth in the Air of the Soil we breath. Now allow Sirius to lick your eyes and reveal the golden rule of the Earth's Healing taken by the Miracle Clay masons use to heal the community with temples of homage laid over the blindman's eyes.

*note: a portion of this price goes to charity and funding for a youth spiritual facility to help community building cordial moral values providing activities for the community events in various location.