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True Standings of Learning Experiences

True Standings of Learning Experiences


Jan 11, 2017 – (112 views)

Grasping the awareness of this piece is within the relevance of the notion of life true standings as wisdom and knowledge may comply to the EL in LIFE. We are the builders of the learning taken by the vices in the core faith of what fate is designed to do. Due to us all in a whole oneness, we are molded to see out the shoreline of the walking of the painting as it revises the caption on self-creation. Who are we the red and blue speaks out to say nesting the coats in arms of seals only the forehead and hands that influences the darkness in veils of the common sectors of supreme self. To enlighten, the sight to soften the night of days by grace in hail of us upon praising the true light we are to find one's nature and uplift it to the adepts of the rose beneath the seas and mirror given by noon day. And like the brown skin eyes of the humbled sweetness of her voice, the honey speaks to me with arts of talented cordial connectiveness only she may reveal peacefully to a melody even brown sugar can not tame. Roaring symphony, my words speak about the notes of each stoke as the depths inside her mind frame. reframing the thoughts of her by the lame wisdom and knowledge the seas measures the height of the sky, where we are found crowned by the nature in keystone. And follow this storyline and you'll see the awaken factors she is found like the Afrocentric spiritual cultural scenes we mighty just dwell out the acts of darkness into the everlasting light Oshun is sent to Radiate Us in the gazing Sun. Saying, Soleil is ours to craft the works today is as the sweet warmth that honey is glazed upon the Mighty Acts of the Sun within togetherness we bare in I-Self.

*note: a portion of this price goes to charity and funding for a youth spiritual facility to help community building cordial moral values providing activities for the community events in various location.

materials: acrylic paint on canvas.