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Est. '12


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Been doing this ART thing for a while.It has infinite possibilities and to the creative mind, that is the promise of never running out of see something new in the already seen or explore anew what has been explored.To me art is the end result of a thought born and nourished.It is a vision found in a dream and persuaded to become reality.
In the portraits I try to find the person hidden by the picture...the flesh under the mask,the light in the eyes.I focus on the person inside the skin,their strengths and vulnerabilities because it inevitably translates into their body language.I paint the spirit inside the person-who they are,not what they are.If I see the happy,playful spirit of an imp in a child,I will paint her that way.If i see an introspective quietness I will paint that.The choice of support and medium is important, because it is part of the fabric that creates the image.Once all the parts come together the portrait has a life of it's own, reflecting the individuals spirit.