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Andrea Ng Art

Est. '19


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    I am a visual artist and pianist born and raised in Downtown Toronto.  A self taught artist nurtured by private art tutors around the Toronto area, I have enjoyed a passion for arts since childhood, where pencil drawing created my first window into the visual arts. Private lessons in Charcoal, Oil, Pastel and Acrylic have furthered my ability to self express. At a young age, I have had my artworks and prints displayed in exhibitions in the downtown Toronto area including The Toronto City Hall, and The Harboroughfront.

    Artist Statement:

    "I love the acrylic medium and paint in the abstract realism style, using the canvas as a pictorial space to express my obsessions with different psychological states of the mind; particularly those of the diminished consciousness' that often drift between dreams and reality, to tell a story from within those deep and often dark places. I find a delicate soft beautiful existence in the solitary shadows that are hidden in our world, whether they be secrets, hidden, forgotten, or abandoned. I endeavour to express these silent tableaus through my artwork. Hopefully, my  And expressions will take another person that views them to a place hidden within themselves or,… even beyond. Perhaps a place where they may have gone through sentiments of serenity, sorrow, hope, loneliness, euphoria, rest, beginning and of course, fear, darkness and warning."__Andrea Ng