Jennifer Aniston


Aug 05, 2022



This iPad drawing is adapted from an acrylic painting, it doesn’t say who is she, but I believe that is Jennifer Aniston, her lips, her beautiful eyes, Long blonde hair, and she looks like an innocent college girl doing her day dreaming. People Magazine named Aniston the World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2016, at her age of 47, that was her second time earning this title. So, I love you! Jennifer Aniston!




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'My English name is Andrew, I was originally from HongKong. To cut the story short, I had been America for 25 years, the first 10 years in Denver, where I graduated with a degree in computer science and got a job as technical support for years. 2004, I moved into Maryland, and started a new life by working in a middle school as a building service. I did not start self taught for drawing until 2012. At the beginning, I just wanted to draw some cartoon to mess up my supervisor and fellow worker up, and then I developed it as a hobby. I usually drew with watercolor, pastel pencil and ink. My favor artists are Andrew Loomis, Elise Hurtst, Jelle Jones and Kim Jung Gi, their artworks help me a lot for developing my skill. But started from last summer, my drawing is more on iPad, and I am able to be more creative of my work. I hope that I can through my website, I can continue to bring laughters and happiness for whoever who like to visit my website.

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