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My name is Bill Hewes and I am a local Rhode Island artist. My username online is ArtistView or ArtistViewRI when I post art on a site. I've been painting art stedadily since 2011 and I have decided that I'll only paint abstract paintings. 

I am in my 60's and my goal is to paint as many paintings as I can over the next few years. It's strange at my age you more or less count down the years you have left in the world. I want to leave my childeren and grandchildern and maybe great grandchildern all the art I can. They can do what they wish with it. 

Therefore I hope people that like my art purchase it as an investment. Not something you hang on your wall and toss away after coule of years. All of my art is one off (one of a kind), I do not sell prints or any type of copies of my art. 

My paintings will all be based on a series. I vision it in many variations the colors go on and on in my mind. The question is, Will you like  it or think I just some cray old man painting something crazy?


Thank you for stopping by,

Bill aka ArtistView, ArtistViewRI and Swamp Yankee Guitars