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Violet Flowers - hand painted Umbrella

Violet Flowers - hand painted Umbrella



May 13, 2018 – (619 views)

• Hand painted Umbrella
• Violet flowers Garden
• Waterproof painting
• Rain Umbrella
• Esprit brand
• Black Handle with logo stamp
• Light Gray Base
• Bright Colors
• Personalized
Light and comfortable Umbrella. 100 % pongee fabric
The umbrella is painted with special paints, which are resistant to rain or sun. The umbrella itself is automatic, sturdy, with a banded mat plastic handle and metal tops. The diameter of an open umbrella is 90 cm. When it`s closed, it is 86 cm long.
This beautiful Hand painted Umbrella is for anyone who loves lots of color and unique things! Amazing gift for you and your friends. They will love this Unbelievable picture on an Umbrella you can see less details which creates the feel of peace and tranquility with abstract illustration. Decorative Animals and Landscapes are done in blue, gold, yellow, orange, purple and violet, blue and gold, Turkish blue colors with pattern of flowers, leafs, and the design is painted with preciosity and peace. It is perfect for rainy spring or fall days and unique gift for any occasion. Colorful hand painted Umbrella is like a big picture , which you can take anywhere with you.
• Every hand painted Umbrella is neatly packed with carrying and instructions too.