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Never ending tour.

Never ending tour.



Nov 15, 2011 – (935 views)

A graphite pencil drawing to celebrate the never-ending tour which is a description of Bob Dylan's success a description which he refutes but...
If someone has been playing, creating and performing his music for over 50 years then it is a big commitment even if it is not a never ending tour.


Hi PAULFLEET, no not intentionally by me but now you have mentioned it, well it looks like, seems like you are my kind of guy, somebody who actually looks. Thanks
Aug 13, 2014 – BogStandad love the face(is the eye brow turning into a hand).
Aug 13, 2014 – paulfleet
Thanks, SUE HAZELTON, I am not even a Bob Dylan fan, more of a Leonard Cohen man myself and he had to do it twice.
May 21, 2013 – BogStandad
truth for sure
May 21, 2013 – sue hazelton

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