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Bertha Lake, Waterton

Bertha Lake, Waterton

Brian Sloan


Oct 29, 2018 – (529 views)

Original Painting Info

Bertha Lake, Waterton is an acrylic painting on a gallery wrapped 24×12 inch canvas. It depicts the foliage around Bertha Lake after the Kenow Fire of 2017. On one side of the lake, many of the trees were burned or killed from smoke but on the other side of the lake, everything was still alive. It was a beautiful sight to see the contrast between the two.

So in the foreground of this painting is a burned tree, a tree killed by smoke, and a live tree while in the background you can see the lake and living trees on the other side of the lake.

The borders of the canvas are painted a dark brown to match the live tree trunks.