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Take Flight

Take Flight



Jan 24, 2017 – (186 views)


Original acrylic painting on a 5.5 inch circular saw blade. Sealed with clearcoat.


Your welcome and they really fragile as fine China
Oct 30, 2018 – Cartoonman
Awww...That was kind of you to protect the hummingbird! I love them,I feed them each year...they are beautiful 😊
Oct 30, 2018 – BrokenWingArtStudio
That is another one of my favorite birds. There are alot of the hear till the fall. They are such a delicate little thing. I have had the chance of holding them. They have a habit of running into windows. And I held them uil the shock left them. Don
Oct 30, 2018 – Cartoonman

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