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Strings I

Strings I


Mar 12, 2016 – (394 views)

Mixed Media / Digital Alteration, 12" x 18" Prints Available for Sale


Thanks grandaddyearl. It may have been poor wording on my part. I guess what I'm meaning to say is that I'm hoping to grow into my own personal style through advancing my technique. As my gallery suggests, my work has been an ongoing experiment.
Mar 22, 2016 – Caleb Bishop
Like this piece but why do you want to "develop a style"? Why not see what comes any given day? Different mediums, different directions, different sense of humor each day with an educated advancement in technique perhaps. grandaddyearl
Mar 21, 2016 – Grandaddyearl
Thanks Percival Vince. Mind altering is what I was hoping for (be it in an aggressive, passive, passive aggressive, or aggressively passive way). Thanks again!
Mar 20, 2016 – Caleb Bishop
Wow. This is really intriguing. I like the color balance and the optical illusion it plays. It feels a little mind altering in a passive aggressive way. It's really interesting. Overall, great job!
Mar 20, 2016 – Percival Vince

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