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Home Alone

Home Alone



Oct 16, 2018 – (126 views)

Very Old home standing alone against all odds. 16x20 ACRYLIC PAINTING

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Love the colors and the texture and movement. The house seems to be saying "I am not destructible!" Good job!😊
Oct 18, 2018 – BrokenWingArtStudio
I hope I deserve your good criticism. Thank you very much.
Oct 17, 2018 – SHLOMYDRAWING
As an abstract, I see a well composed balanced work, love the interaction of the sky into back ground. Nice color choices, well done.
Oct 17, 2018 – Looie25
A fascinating interaction between the sky and the ground, creating a feeling that the house is actually the center of the storm or perhaps it is the storm itself. A unique painting from an idea you do not see every day!
Oct 17, 2018 – SHLOMYDRAWING

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