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Land of Contrasts

Land of Contrasts


Oct 21, 2014 – (491 views)

In this painting I wanted to show contrast. The Australian outback is known for its extremes. Extreme weather from flooding to dryness represented by the large storm clouds and red dry soil. Although isolated there is also life, as shown by the hut and the plant in the foreground. The vast skies and the flat but vast land is also shown in this painting. I used complementary from the opposite sides of the colour wheel to emphasize vs blue, green vs reds and purples vs yellow


love Australia
Oct 30, 2014 – craftyrena
Nicely done. Colorful and inviting. Kudos
Oct 23, 2014 – SharsArt
Love the colours a nice piece
Oct 23, 2014 – jeanann

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