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Last Apple 288 Poem and Painting

Last Apple 288 Poem and Painting


Apr 20, 2009 – (951 views)

# 288 in the Last Apple Series by Theo. Dapore.

Hand signed copy of poem with purchase of painting

"The Last Apple"

Life or Death, But who decides?
Propagation, From where derived?
So many winters, I've slept away.
But to awaken, That spring day.
Though not this time, Begin my fears.
I wish I could, Reclaim my years.
I once was strong, The bell has tolled.
I once was young, But now am old.
In this land, No seeds are sown.
All my children, Now are gone.
All but one, He stays within.
Perhaps to let me live again.
This Last Apple, Last chance at life.
This Last Apple, He helps me cope.
This Last Apple, Renews my hope.

Medium: acrylic

Theo Dapore original art (listed artist)
All of Dapore's art has been registered

Paintings are backstapled with painted sides.
Top coated with 3 coats of Matt UV varnish.
Gloss varnish is available on request.

Theo Dapore's studio is located in a Mall in northern Ohio.
When purchasing Dapore art your are buying from a professional studio that offers excellent service and prompt shipping to all his clients. At this time Theo offers commission work (paintings done by special order) and has developed a special system that caters to customers of commissions.
Dapore art has been made available for a short time, his original art career started March of 2005. In that time over 800 of his works have been obtained. Almost 30% of his art has been picked up by returning clients that have become collectors of Theo's unique style.
The artist creative art is not limited to one style, he enjoys developing his own techniques, mixing various techniques into one painting. Mixing a touch of realism with abstract. A special note, you will notice a constant lighting or an obvious light source and its influence in many of his abstract works.
You will notice that many professional artists work and develop one style and feel of art. The artist trademark style of art that they are recogniz