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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse "VIII" "Sold"


Jun 30, 2009 – (2873 views)

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest in the nation and famous symbol of North Carolina. The lighthouse site houses a visitors center that is open throughout the year and houses displays on the island's maritime history. The beacon from the light can be seen some 20-miles out to sea and has warned sailors for more than 100 years of the treacherous Diamond Shoals, the shallow sandbars which extend some 14 miles out into the ocean off Cape Hatteras.

By Debbie Adams



oh wow. great detail on the light house.
Nov 2, 2011 – Shaun Kennedy
Thank you
Oct 12, 2009 – Debbie Adams
Great job, this is beautiful, I have been there and have gone through the light house, it's really nice. GOOD WORK!
Oct 12, 2009 – yourstruly365
Thank you Karina
Jul 29, 2009 – Debbie Adams
I love the way you have used a long composition, it gives great impact & the height of the sand dune is well defined
Jul 29, 2009 – Karina Faddel
Thank you viktoriqO
Jul 1, 2009 – Debbie Adams
i like you work Deb,it is great
Jul 1, 2009 – viktoriq0
Thank you Andy and Mitch.
Jul 1, 2009 – Debbie Adams
Its wonderful debs. Love the light on the water.
Jul 1, 2009 – andy tetlow
Thank you Gary and Trevor
Jul 1, 2009 – Debbie Adams
Interesting composition - I like it, it's unique. Nicely done 8)
Jul 1, 2009 – bloodjelly
Really like your lighting in this one! Superb!
Jul 1, 2009 – Gary Dee

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