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Sep 2, 2017 – (152 views)

I just put my pen and pencil to paper and before I knew it I had created my piece. I have been goin lg through alot at the time and I feel this is some of what I felt in a way.


Lovely and fascinating designs!
Sep 5, 2017 – sue hazelton
Thank you guys so much for the feedback 😊😊
Sep 4, 2017 – DeniseRamirez
Also, Miss Denise, I think your work is similar to the Indian Paisley and Mendhi styles, for they use black ink to depict a story with themes like nature and God / Goddess. Keep up the good !
Sep 4, 2017 – lovelytibet
Consider putting your work on paper 18x24" or canvas. To make this a little abstract, once finished with the drawing & adding some acrylic paint for color, spray a light coat of water on the painting/drawing and ck result.
Sep 4, 2017 – Klinkhammer-Art

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