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3 piece bubble Circle Wood Wall hangings, Sculpture by Alisa

3 piece bubble Circle Wood Wall hangings, Sculpture by Alisa



Oct 5, 2016 – (253 views)

Unique CUSTOM Circle Abstract Art Wood Wall Sculpture,
Home decor,Wall Art

Please note: Please allow anywhere from 20-30 business days to process your order. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Depends on the artist' schedule and weather conditions. Your patience is most appreciated.

A beautiful and meticulously constructed set of colorful circle clusters for your home or office needs!

VERSATILE :  You can hang each circle cluster in any direction you choose! lots of options!

CUSTOMIZABLE:    CHANGE COLORS - NO Additional fee - contact me with your request / any or all colors can be changed if desired.


Handmade, hand painted, signed and dated by the artist. 

Colors: Pinks, blues, purples, teals, black edges - High gloss finish 
( you can request different colors if you would like ) 

Approximate Dimensions of each piece in
1 = 22"  x  15" x .05"   
2 = 18" x  19" x .05" 
3 = 18"  x  16" x .05" 

Overall Size: Approximately anywhere from 3 feet to over 5 feet in length 
and 19" to 28" in height depending on how hung. 
Weight : each piece is under a 1 lb. for easy hanging
 Medium: Quality Acrylics on 1/2" MDF 
Signed & dated by the artist, Alisa R. Tarpley 

Size can vary an inch or 2 in any direction for each sculpture.


JUMBO SET is as follows...
Approximate Sizes:
Size: Piece 1 = 36" L X 27" H
Size: Piece 2 = 27" L x 31" H
Size: Piece 3 = 31" L x 31" H

These can be hung in various ways for various different looks and sizes.
Side by side the sculpture is approximately 9 feet x 33" height
Weight : each piece is under a 4lbs for easy hanging
Quality Acrylics on 1/2" MDF with high gloss finish

If you need more pics....

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