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Dusan VukovicDusan Vukovic


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Dusan Vukovic was born in Brcko (Bosnia), 1957 th year. He graduated in painting at Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts in the class of prof. Ljubomir Percinlic. The works of Dusan Vukovic were published in many magazines and newsletters, and used to cover some of the literary work (novel, “Martha and kuzol”, “In the end the wrong way”, etc.). Member of international Association “Mittelart” and winner of numerous awards and recognitions. Occasionally, a resident and visiting exhibits in Italy and Switzer, since 1992. he lives and works in Belgrade.
To be a painter is a very lonely occupation…
If my paintings caught your eye and made you stop and look, thank you…
This is a great honour for me as it proves to me that my loneliness was not in vain.