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Fairy Tale Oak Collections

Fairy Tale Oak Collections


Oct 19, 2019 – (54 views)

The Fairy Tale Oak Collection is a limited edition of exquisite functional art ensembles. Wash yourself in elegance in our solid cast bronze pedestal sink and gaze at yourself in a mirror bordered by a lavish solid cast bronze oak leaf frame. Tiny fairies are hidden throughout the oak base and on the soap dish to add a touch of magic to this fantasy collection. Note: All cast bronze art pieces will vary slightly in color and/or pattern, so no two will be identical, making each piece a one-of-a-kind remarkable art creation. This lavish fantasy sink and pedestal are cast by hand in solid bronze by the artist. Each piece of this dazzling fantasy art collection has been carefully designed to be exceptionally beautiful artwork as well as ornate functional art. The beautiful large sink basin, ringed with cast bronze oak leaves, can be adapted for an enchanting outdoor fountain. This collectable art set is numbered and signed by the artist.

Ensemble includes: Solid cast bronze oak leaf mirror frame 24" x 36" OD. Solid cast bronze oak leaf sink 27" OD x 6" tall. Solid cast bronze oak pedestal - 27" base x 30" tall. Solid cast bronze fairies on the soap dish. Approximately 350 lbs.