Bridges of Life

Bridges of Life

Elke Bianca Arbucci

May 04, 2016


Mixed media
54" x 48"


54" x 48" Mixed media abstract painting. Using my own technique, Ifuse- blended various colors of opalescent enamel until it bubbled and made it's own effect. The base of the painting is done with textured and formed gesso. Depending on the light direction, this painting changes forms right before your eyes. Beautiful luminous, sparkling colors, an art piece for an empty large wall.

Elke Bianca Arbucci

Elke Bianca Arbucci


About the artist

Born in Mainz, Germany and immigrated to Los Angeles at age 2.  Grew up in Echo Park.  As child, was always drawing and painting.  Went to Trade Tech/LA to major in Fashion Design; won Coty and Silver Thimble Awards.  Designed and made costumes for a high school play, then designed and made biblical costumes for my church's annual "Journey to Bethlehem" play.  Attended Otis Art Institute, then ICDC College for Graphic Design and Web.  My real job was working 10 years as Executive Assistant at The Disney Channel, then 10 more years at Warner Bros., working for the President of Warner Home Video & Warner Technical Operations.  Presently retired.

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