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          I live in Snohomish, Washington State USA. I do art at times. I am an out doors person when I can. I like nature and the seasons. I find a lot of art in them.

          I am selling my art I drew in 2013. I am a bit of an artist. Most my first works (4) in the 1970's. I did 2 in oil paint, 1 in charcole, 1 in black ink then. I drew aproxitmently 24 drawings, many in color, some not, in 2013. Now the drawings are for sale in 2019. Starting from apx. $800 - $1 Million Dolls USD. Most are in the $800 - $20,000 range. The drawings are in a point in time for me going to college 4 years and drew most them after with apx. 6 during. The former apx. 4 I did was in my younger years in a art class. I have a art site 2013 ART I am devoloping.