Abstract, Acrylic painting on canvas
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Abstract, Acrylic painting on canvas


Mar 11, 2023


31 x 24 x 1


Abstract art - Acrylic painting on canvas.

ARTIST: Filip Petrović

Technique used
The painting of Abstract art was created with a mixed palette of fresh acrylic paint. The artist used the brush technique and he managed to achieve great level of detail on the piece. The painting is stretched on a natural canvas set on a wooden back frame. The size of the canvas is 60 x 80 cm. The painting is also covered with a protective coat so it minimizes the risk of paint falling off.

Where to hang it?
The Abstract art painting can actually fit in any room in your home. It really depends what is your taste and preference in paintings and in which way is your home decorated. The painting you see is without a frame. If your home is decorated in a cozy, warm and modern way, then this painting is going to fit in just perfectly with or without the frame. The colors of the painting will blend in perfectly with your furniture and other decorations. We recommend that you place it in your bedroom, living room or hallway.

Ready to hang
We will send you the painting already set on the canvas and ready to hang. You don`t have to worry about that. You just need to secure a nice place on your wall for it. When the painting arrives, you just need to unwrap it and you can place it on the wall.

Should you get it framed?
The painting is displayed without the frame. We usually do not ship our paintings with the frame. We believe that you should decide if you want it with the frame or without. The paintings we have in store can stand on your walls with or without the frame. A nicely designed frame can make the painting stand out in your home, making it visible to everyone who enters your living room. It really depends on your current home decor. If it is cozy and a bit traditional then old school wooden frames are a perfect fit. Brown and gold frames are a perfect match for this painting. In case you have a modern decor then this painting might not be a perfect fit. You can make it blend in

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