Original acrylic abstract

Original acrylic abstract


Jun 25, 2020

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Bold, colourful and beautiful abstract on a gold background.




About the artist

I have been painting since I was thirteen. Started with oils for several years, didn't get on with water colours or pastels but did experiment with acrylics. All my paintings were traditional, landscapes, flowers and animals. I have always liked abstract art but didn't feel I had enough of an imagination to create anything. About 3 years ago I watched a programme called Colour in Your Life. Each week it took you into the studios of artists from around the world, some fabulous artists and techniques. Each week the artist would demonstrate their work. The week of Glen Farquhar most caught my eye with his simple but very effective abstracts. I went on You tube to look up abstract painting for some inspiration and found acrylic pour or fluid art. I was hooked and have never looked back. It gave me the confidence to experiment with abstract in different ways and also to embellish my pours with my painting experience. My inspirations come from nature, colours and other artists, I hope you like my work.

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