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Glow Forest

Glow Forest

Fran Lafferty


Nov 15, 2016 – (135 views)

When you turn out the lights, be greeted by the calm scene in the second picture above: a glowing textured moon, backlit cross, and three friendly forest animals.

Turn the lights back on, and you can see all the variety of this piece:
-- darkening yellow-greens, and eight trees reaching their bare arms up to the moon
-- a nest and two squirrels hiding in one of the trees
-- seven silver stars and a silver cross in the center
-- four puffy flowers nestled at the bases of the trees
-- two glowing bunnies and a glowing dove up above

The whole piece is framed by a handmade soft-yarn cord featuring colors from the piece: shades of green, ivory, and black. This soft braided cord adds a unique character and additional texture to this artwork. It is not removable. The tails hang down delightfully loose below the main body of the artwork, and will blow lightly in a breeze and lend a comforting nature feel to the room.

More pics including closeups and a step-by-step slideshow can be seen at:


Thank you, Mr. Abstract. I have enjoyed browsing in your gallery today, too.
Dec 29, 2016 – Fran Lafferty
Your work is excellent, I particularly enjoy this piece "Glow Forest". It does a fantastic job of drawing me inwards and making me feel as though I'm standing in the middle of the scene. Epic stuff!.
Dec 29, 2016 – Mrabstract

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