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Texture Practice!

Texture Practice!

Fran Lafferty


Nov 15, 2016 – (100 views)

This is a good example of the type of texture I love to create! This was just a practice piece, but you can see many more pics of both practice and finished pieces -- as well as step-by-step slideshows of how I created each piece -- at :O>
(this one is at


Its beautifull
Nov 24, 2016 – Nickyz
Hello and thank you, DJ Pilot! This one uses Golden extra heavy gel/molding paste. You can see what it looked like before the paint at
Nov 23, 2016 – Fran Lafferty
I like the 3D effect. What kind of medium is it?
Nov 23, 2016 – Dj-Pilot

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