The Bad

The Bad

Francois Domain

Apr 03, 2018


Digital painting or illustration


'the Bad' is part of a 3 pieces series called 'the good, the bad & the idea'. The series explores the evolution of an artwork, from the original idea in the creator's mind to the final result.
'The Bad' symbolises the mistakes made by the artist along the way, where the beauty hidden behind the ugly makes a very unexpected piece.
The piece 'The Good, the Bad and the Idea' has been featured in 'Le Monde Diplomatique' back in December 2017.

Francois Domain

Francois Domain


About the artist

Art is not a discipline, it's a way to see through life. We're not a painter, a musician or a writer, we are eyes, ears, fingers pushing the boundaries of our own universes.

It's on stage that Francois Domain started to explore his own universe, where words, notes, colours, and moves melt into a single entity, aiming for more than beauty: emotion. At 20, he was writing, directing and sometimes acting in his own company, based in the centre of France. After several fulfilling years, his curiosity finally got the last word and Francois packed his bags, and went on exploring the world, looking for inspiration and aspiration. Probably looking for someone with a similar mindset. 

It's in London that he finally settled down, in 2010. A decisive encounter with a painter has been the trigger for an artistic rebirth. His new enthusiasm for Printmaking met its audience very quickly, and encouraged him to scale up - reason why he started painting on wallpaper. His series Resonance has been displayed in the streets of Berlin as an ephemeral exhibition.

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