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Cheyenne Winter

Cheyenne Winter

Gary Dee


Apr 9, 2007 – (2621 views)

Original Indian Art by Native American artist Gary Wingo. You also receive a brief history/story behind this painting.

Off to fight an unwanted war for their right to exist.


great paintings all good,
Aug 11, 2010 – Toolyman2
This remind me of "Centennial", the series from the eighties. Great work.
Oct 31, 2009 – WillieMays
I see you reused part of this in the one I liked several pictures back. You know, I felt the woman was sad from the other one, but did not mention it as I also thought that maybe she was just enjoying "being" but now i feel she really was sad..
Apr 18, 2009 – gerbearTx
Splendid Work. You are a master of winter scenes!
Jan 18, 2009 – Debbie Adams
You must have an excellent memory! Very emotional feelings of strength and sadness...
Jan 31, 2008 – Linda Hinchey
Powerful piece you have here, Gary. Your texture work on the mountains, bark and horse fur are outstanding, to say the least!
Jan 28, 2008 – to_fly
Gary: Nicely depicted winter scene. So much vitality in your artwork. A 5+
Sep 15, 2007 – visionary imagist
Thank you all very much. Actually its a terrible photo of the painting. Andy, no point of reference in this one : The people are from imagination, the landscape from memories of the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, near Yellowstone. And it is symbolic of War they did not want. They were fighting to save their civilization.
Jul 17, 2007 – Gary Dee
Nice painting. You have good realistic paintings but this one has something more. I think mtv65 commented well when he said: "kind of more symbolic than realistic".
Jul 17, 2007 – eduardoleao
great painting, do you paint from imagination or do you have a point of reference, like a photograph or pictures of landscapes.
Jul 13, 2007 – andy tetlow
This is a bit different from your usual style - kind of more symbolic than realistic. On purpose? or just where the inspiraiton took you?
May 27, 2007 – mtv65

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