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Gary Dee


May 4, 2008 – (1513 views)


Painted with a mixed acrylic. Will not fade or come off for at least 10yrs. Wash & iron. Pick any fabric except corduroy.
Customer provides coat, shirt, jacket, etc., idea for the painting, and shipping one way. Rather simple painting $30 - Large & complicated - $50+


I love the Kokopeli!! Awesome, I'm a big fan of Native American Art!
Mar 7, 2012 – Christy Boyce
As stated.....the kokopeli is genius...nice work
Dec 19, 2009 – Joe Nosoma
Putting Kokopeli in your dreamcatcher was a novel idea, & combines 2 southwestern styled classics!
Feb 19, 2009 – SharsArt
I love Ur DreamCatcher, its so Nice very Subtle done...
Jun 11, 2008 – SANTAIKA

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