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Elk in the Oxbow

Elk in the Oxbow

Gary Dee


Dec 16, 2009 – (2678 views)

The Oxbow River Valley amongst the Grand Tetons (French for breasts) mountain range in northern Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone National Park.

This was painted from a photograph. I added the Elk.
75% of this painting was done with a #0 and #1 round brush. It took a while.


My fav part of oxbow painting is the moose enjoying it's environment
Jan 15, 2012 – Huggertwo1
i love the use of detail in this, gives it a life that is not seen in ever some of the most ultra realistic paintings i have seen
Dec 9, 2010 – Shaun Kennedy
I love the colors, I love how you captured the scenery as well as the wildlife. My most favorite is the mountains
Sep 10, 2010 – MrsGrisham
I have viewed this painting a few times, but now make a comment It has a rich presence, like you were actually there and smelling the air; hearing all the sounds of nature
May 29, 2010 – anthony
I absolutely love the mountains in this one Gary
Mar 30, 2010 – Karina Faddel
Absolutely beautiful! I've been there! Very nice work!
Mar 6, 2010 – June
Wow, Gary! The colors in this piece are so vibrant! And the detail is fantastic... especially the mountains...
Jan 28, 2010 – Linda Hinchey
Thanks, Trevor. My, the enhancement of size in this new 'redesign' makes a world of difference. Now very few details are lost! Fantastic!
Jan 19, 2010 – Gary Dee
Nicely done! The detail in the trees and bushes from back to front really give this a neat look.
Jan 19, 2010 – bloodjelly
Thank you all. Your comments are greatly appreciated!
Dec 24, 2009 – Gary Dee
Absolutely stunning; outstanding work of art! Your use of colors is excellent and the details are marvelous. Well done my friend. Bravo!!
Dec 23, 2009 – Debbie Adams
wonderful blasts of colour, Gary. top notch, Sir.
Dec 17, 2009 – andy tetlow
Outstanding Gary. Remarkable change of habitats in make this colorful composition very inviting, while the fine detail holds the viewers interest! Kudo's
Dec 17, 2009 – SharsArt
Nice work Gary, wonderful piece.
Dec 17, 2009 – freakyfingers
Beautiful detail. Down to the reflections. Well done.
Dec 16, 2009 – Jose V

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