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Gary Dee


Jul 3, 2010 – (2599 views)

A Cherokee Holy Man dressed for a Ritual. In Indian mythology, the feather was valued for protecting one from misfortune.
This was painted from a photograph at the request of my Mother and it belongs to her.
It is not for sale nor are prints.
A progression of this painting from start to finish may be seen in 'Visual Arts'


Me Indian Love your Indian.
Aug 18, 2017 – BookLotto
I Love how you did the fur!
Feb 28, 2013 – TapN2thisBliss
amazing ,gary.
Jan 7, 2013 – andy tetlow
Very striking ... almost mesmerizing! Beautiful work, Gary.
Dec 1, 2012 – Kathryn
Like your works.
Apr 28, 2012 – ahtrent
I love the detail, its just amazing...
Apr 1, 2012 – artbypia
Thank you, Wayne!
Jun 29, 2011 – Gary Dee
Wow Gary ........... this is beyond fantastic! The mood, composition ans color are in perfect harmony. I just love this composition!
Jun 17, 2011 – wayne niemi
Thank you, Alan. The background presented some real challenges with getting good contrast in many areas, but I feel it did indeed enhance the "harmony".
Mar 9, 2011 – Gary Dee
Masterpiece Gary, the detail is fantastic and aside from all the other amazing things about this piece of Native Art, I love that background color. No other color would have created such harmony and balance..
Mar 9, 2011 – alanminshull
wow! This is so beautifully perfect! amazing work
Feb 21, 2011 – KatieDvorak
stunning... the detail is excellent
Feb 21, 2011 – Tracie Skarbo
Many thanks, Shar!
Nov 20, 2010 – Gary Dee
Beautifully done Gary. I'm sure your mother treasures this wonderful piece. Kudo's
Nov 19, 2010 – SharsArt
Aug 2, 2010 – Lol_Arts
Thanks for all of the kind comments!
Jul 21, 2010 – Gary Dee
Your Mother must be very happy! beautiful!!
Jul 15, 2010 – Karina Faddel
The awaited masterpiece! I am honoured and privilaged to have been able to watch this painting develop from the bottom up. I cherish this very much!
Jul 3, 2010 – anthony
I'm just astounded by the detail!! This is beautiful!
Jul 3, 2010 – June
The feathers and composition give it an almost abstract quality - very cool. Well done piece, great gift.
Jul 3, 2010 – bloodjelly
Great ArtWork my Frend !
Jul 3, 2010 – sorinapostolescu

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