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9"x12" Charcoal (1 on 1)- Customized



Apr 14, 2019 – (44 views)

Custom Charcoal Portrait...
Commission me to draw/paint a portrait of you, you and your pet(s), you & your loved one(s), you and your loved ones with a pet(s), group and/or family portrait on a sized paper to porportion, and all with your requested custom background suggestion of choice. I was commissioned to draw this art piece with a panda bear to be placed somewhere behind her, and a monkey sitting on her shoulder. She was delighted with it, and gave this as a Christmas gift to her father~


Oh I love it I had a monkey just like that squirrel monkey years ago awesome
May 7, 2019 – Rebecca Diane Fairl
its cool
Apr 28, 2019 – excite
Thank you PAI STUDIOS for highly complimenting this portrait piece! I so greatly appreciate it~
Apr 19, 2019 – GiftedArtist
Thankyou very much gifted. Don😊😊
Apr 17, 2019 – Cartoonman
This is an awesome piece of art! Amazing work!
Apr 16, 2019 – Pai Art Studio
Thank you Don & Antonio!...
Apr 16, 2019 – GiftedArtist
Gorgeous piece. Don😊😊😊
Apr 15, 2019 – Cartoonman
Apr 14, 2019 – Antonio Azaria de Castro

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