Lord of Sea and Sky - a large original seascape painting

Lord of Sea and Sky - a large original seascape painting


Aug 28, 2016




40 x 40 x 1.5 inches large original seascape of a stormy sky over a glittering sea. Dark clouds are rolling around but a gap has opened below the cloud where the sun shines onto the deep turquoise sea. A lone seagull glides across the sky. The painting is Expressionist in style and inspired by lots of time spent on cliffs on the Sussex coast. Edges white, no frame needed. You can see this painting being made at https://youtu.be/-VOW2FRdc6c




About the artist

I am a professional artist based in Sussex and I paint large original landscape and seascape paintings in oil on canvas. I have a Fine Art degree in sculpture (Brighton, 1983) but am mostly self taught as a painter.


My painting style is a fusion of Expressionist, Impressionist, Semi-abstract, Art Deco, a little Art Nouveau and whatever mood I am in that day. I often practice a kind of Impressionism in that I walk, look at things and then paint from memory. The result is that I paint what was impressed upon me when I looked at a landscape - thus a kind of Impressionism! 


I am inspired by the patterns of nature and the energy, colours and spaces of the landscapes and animals around me. I like to think that paintings have ‘little souls’ woven into them by artist’s and that these are what call to a viewer (or not as the case may be) and give a painting presence and desirability.


All of my paintings have a story added in to them - sometimes humorous, sometimes mystical, sometimes with a message of hope or encouragement.


My aim is to make art that offers a glimpse of spaces and possibilities where people can escape the manic pace of life and imagine themselves somewhere better – even if just for a little while.

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