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4th July 2000

4th July 2000

Greg Perry


Mar 27, 2017 – (93 views)

Girl in Central Park, New York. (It's actually my wife, during our honeymoon). It was Independence Day, not many people around as it was early morning. We went to the World a Trade Centre rooftop aswell the day before. Fabulous city close to our hearts. We then went onto Washington DC and Clearwater, Florida. Happy times.

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Phew, that's a relief. I've finally drawn something that somebody recognises lol! Thank you Janlea.
Mar 28, 2017 – Greg Perry
I knew at first glance this was Central Park. Great work!
Mar 28, 2017 – janlea
I will definitely be adding more art. I have always loved pencil drawings so doubt I will be adding any colour. I have a set of water colour pencils but rarely use them. Thank you for commenting 🙂
Mar 27, 2017 – Greg Perry
Will be interested to see more of your work....will you add color?
Mar 27, 2017 – Klinkhammer-Art

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