Gentle nude

Gentle nude

Helena Wierzbicki

Oct 30, 2017

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Abstract nude female artwork
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 14.4x30.1 in. (36.5x76 cm.)

Helena Wierzbicki

Helena Wierzbicki


About the artist

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied with the Argentine masters Luis Barragan and Elio Eros Vitali. Participated in many Art shows, locally and some abroad.
I have always enjoyed art from an early age. This love of Art has stayed with me and developed and grown, and now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else. Making art, for me, is an innate response to the inner and outer worlds, and a balancing act between the intuitive and the considered. I am interested in exploring my natural abilities and enthusiasm for my commitment to do an art within my innermost thoughts and emotions.
My art is an evolving process, I rely on my desires for beauty, poetics and seduction.

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