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Cemi Taino,Tainos,Taino Art,Taino Indians,Taino Symbols

Cemi Taino,Tainos,Taino Art,Taino Indians,Taino Symbols


Feb 11, 2018 – (903 views)

Cemi Taino,Tainos,Taino Art,Taino Indians,Taino Symbols,Taino People,Taino Puerto Rico,Puerto Rico Taino

-The best gifts are made at home. Authentic Puerto Rican art created by a jibarito from Puerto Rico called Samuel RiosCuevas. His artwork celebrates and honors Puerto Rico's cultures and showcases it's beauty and diversity thought printmaking. Many of his prints depicts different aspects Puerto Rican's pride and heritage like: Old San Juan, El Morro, El Coqui Frog, Vejigante Mask, Taino Art,
Bomba y Plena, Los Reyes Magos, El Jibarito, La Jiabara and many other popular topics. It's the perfect gift for a Holliday, Birthday, Housewarming or simply to make a Puerto Rican friend feel special wile supporting Puerto Rico's local artist.

-Each order will include complementary gift wrap and will be carefully rolled and packaged in a sturdy shipping tube for safe arrival. If additional items are ordered they'll be rolled and shipped together.

-Each artwork is carefully created by hand carving on to a 3/4 PVC panel, using traditional woodcut, linocut printmaking techniques and experimental methods. They are hand printed in succession on paper, numbered, titled, and signed in pencil on the front. Each print is unique and distinctive, with small variation due to the inking and printing process.

-This print is a limited edition of 50 prints; you will receive any numbered print between 1-50/50.

-Materials Used:
• Blick Water-Soluble Block Printing Ink.
• Speedball Art block printmaking paper.

-For purchasing my art go to:

-Follow me on Instagram for updates and sneak peaks on my art at @HispanicLegacyStudio

-Thanks for visiting!