Essence of Japan

Essence of Japan

Innovative Art

Aug 11, 2012


Woodworked item
Pyrography / Mixed Media
4 ft. Long x 17 In. High


* Yes 90% of the entire project was hand crafted. I still have a lot of work to do still. The theme was based on a Bible verse: Psalm 23:2

* This piece is up for grabs when finished

Innovative Art

Innovative Art


About the artist

* How I came about becoming a wood burning artist

My father, and other people around the world that used their hands to create masterpieces. While growing up I had the privilege to see my father work on grandfather clocks from scratch, from the age of seven till about fourteen years old. I annoyed him by always watching his every move and asking him questions. Once in a while I use to get smacked in the head until one day, me at the age of eight he gave up and he would let me sit in the chair and watch him. I use to watch him for hours, I was just so enthusiastic with his originality that no matter how much I wanted to get up because my butt was hurting from sitting on those old school wooden chairs, I couldn't. From the sawing, carving, sanding, wood dust in the air, hammering, gluing, and wood burning to me it was a symphony. Little did he know he was teaching me. I was absorbing all his knowledge, his techniques, and drive to create something out of nothing. What I admire about him the most is that he never went to school to learn that trade or have any degree of any sort, and yet he still created masterpieces! Never judge a book by it's cover because you never know what lies within. Now me at the age of thirty, because of what I have observe from my father as a child, the pictures you are about to see is the result.......Love you Father, your son
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