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I'm Jayson 40 years old and I have been drawing most of my life. My uncle and father were excellent at drawing but my uncle Tom was a great painter as well. And ever since I was a kid I'd always think back to the painting's my uncle did mostly night scenes on black velvet like surfaces. Of high desert cactus and cowboys and such I just loved how cool I thought they were and always wanted to learn how to paint! So 4 and a half years ago I decided to take the plunge and go for it!! Luckily a artist friend of my girlfriend's was more than eager to GIVE....NSA....well just "promise to give it my all and try to hone the skills yet to learn!!" I said absolutely and haven't looked back and am still so very eager and incredibly excited oh yeah and it's super fun! Most of the time anyways. Of course my most favorite and where I probably learn the most is experimenting!