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Them Ain't your Horses

Them Ain't your Horses



Feb 28, 2010 – (558 views)

This was painted for one of my clients. He is a 'survivalist' who truly believes in "survival of the fittest" and rejects government in any form. Needless to say, he keeps getting into trouble. I lovingly refer to him as 'My Vigilante'. The only thing in which he cares to belong is the "National Rifle Association".
He really liked the painting and was quite proud of it. It was posted with his permission - names withheld.



I certainly woul not mess with that guy - great work
Jul 13, 2010 – mjgartistpoet
Hi June, glad you enjoyed my website, Conor.
May 15, 2010 – Conor Murphy
Excellent work June! I love it.
Apr 15, 2010 – Debbie Adams
Character dominates the entire composition...Bravo!
Mar 20, 2010 – sorinapostolescu
really like the 'intention'. . . Very nice composition - Clint Eastwood comes to mind. . .
Mar 5, 2010 – anthony
I like this! He sure has a determined expression. Great work on the hat and gun.
Mar 4, 2010 – Gary Dee
I really like your painting. Keep up the good work.
Mar 2, 2010 – freakyfingers
Wonderful work june. Love the vivid colours.
Mar 1, 2010 – andy tetlow

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