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Karina FaddelKarina Faddel


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Passionate about the adventure of life and art I approach each artwork with an open mind and heart. Art is a reflection of my soul, my approach to each work is with dedication and love.

Colour is one of my greatest loves, bringing this into all my work. I paint in various mediums and enjoy Portraits, Landscapes, Still life and Murals. Just about anything as long as I have a paint brush in hand.

I was born in Fishhoek, Cape Town and grew up in Muizenberg. After having my first child I settled down in a quiet town called George in the Western Cape South Africa, where I opened a signage and graphic business with my husband Dave, after many years in the business, we decided adventure was our future and opened an off-road tour and training company. During this time, my passion for painting ignited.
I spend my painting hours in the Kamannassie, a quiet beautiful mountainous area that inspires my creativity.

Painting to me is an out of body experience, I love the process of painting, and I am still amazed at the outcome each time. I learn every time I pick up a brush  I thank God for giving me the ability to learn and grow.