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Fast Forward

Clifford J Klinkhammer

Oct 01, 2021



©2021 Clifford J. Klinkhammer XX IV 7 Art Studio *Original Photography in the Abstract

Clifford J Klinkhammer

Clifford J Klinkhammer


About the artist

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Clifford J. Klinkhammer - XX IV 7 Art Studio

All paintings / Illustrations are ORIGINAL.

> Career backgrounds in Hotel/Casino & Education

  I focus on two styles of art:

1.  Abstract Painting/Design on:  Canvas, Glass, Paper, Metal, Board & Styrofoam.  I enjoy fusing & blending a variety of colors & texture into works of art.  My goal is to evoke an emotional response from those who view my art.

2.  "Screwballs"(TM) Illustrations of humorous stick figures - "Screwballs" with wild, out-of-control hair in everyday life situations - various sizes available on canvas & paper.  Many of the illustrations revolve around the legendary Martini adult beverage.  However, the artist does not condone underage drinking & does encourage responsible drinking of alcohol.  If you are interested in the complete book of "Screwballs"(TM)...the Collection, please contact the artist.  Every illustration in the book has humorous & sometimes sarcastic written commentary that accompanies the "painting." If you would like to view the entire commentary for any of the individual "Screwballs" the artist.

Additionally, many of the Screwball design can be transferred to T-shirts, cocktail napkins, bar towels etc.  Contact the artist with particular designs in mind from the Screwball Collection.

3.  Many of the abstract paintings/designs can also be applied to clothing items - shirts, dresses, purses, sofa pillows etc.  Contact the artist if there is a particular painting that you may be interested in for a personal clothing or home item.

Shipping/Handling to be determined as necessary.  Please contact me for questions or comments at [email protected] 

From the Bottom of the Paint Jar!  

Clifford J. Klinkhammer   XX IV 7 Art Studio

"I Manipulate Paint"

Thank you for supporting the arts!

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