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I've been heavy at my ability to wow and dazzle with my arts for many years.

I began designing a few tattoos for myself and it simply progressed from there.

Over the years since 1998 I have passed a foundation degree in Art/Design/Media as well as create extensive paintings, clothing illustrations, poetry, sketches and even board games.

I've never sold much other than a collection of 25 paintings in 2005 for £2500.

I mainly gave away the originals as one does when friends like them that much as well as many I had to leave at a bus stop in Paris in France due to my passport being stolen that left me stranded and homeless.

Though I still have majority of the images I photoed of them before I had to abondon them.

That left me sad for many years before I learnt of the process of REGISTRATING them for purposes of registration fairs which I'm looking into.

If you have any desires to market any of them, please do not fear getting in touch with me at my email address of

Happy browsing.