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    My name is Leanne and I am from the NE of the UK and currently at university in teeside doing my MA degree . I graduated in 2015 with hons and recieved my batchellors in fine art . I am a creative and proud artist that has always had a gift for understanding what art is and the symbolism of all art and i take interest in artists ,mainly females, im a feminist, well im also a few sterotypical labels it all depends on the social circumstances to whom I will be and what take it fits in with in my surrounding environment. I usually work with textiles and ceramics sometimes, materials, canvas , pastels and pencil or biro pens usually I stick to drawing or book binding as thats my main arty fleure. I think I have worked hard for my many years, I had no help or care from anyone around growing up to take interest in anything i may or may of being into or doing at any given age. I feel pitty for me as I had no parents that gave me the attention and the time I craved. I am a narcassist but nothing sociapathic or psychotic just very very egotistical and proud o be me, self confidence lacks in areas, but i at least know i am a great artist and a fantastic body and fit af for 32. Oh and i forgot. I am a ok mum too to my daughter. My art is my focus that and my social life I need to free myself from the chastising child at home, i prefer quiet and solomn space when im in my work zone. The holidays are the worst. I generally get no time throughout those weeks unless daughters at my bezzlers for a few hours or my mother actually takes her day off to help me and take my kid for the day . The local childcare facillities are a rip off but a week or so in that place and i can concentrate on me and my focus and my priorities in my work. I admit i may plan or mean to strive for actual graftinhg or when i clear days for work and arrange the appropriate care or needs in place for free time and days to get on ,i can be lazy and have naps instead ,i dont mean to, im a single mother on my own with  demanding 6 year old at home,a career that is underway and heavy to carry with balancing the hefty amount of work i never get round to indulging in, my social life which is extremely important to flow ones creativity and free from homelife and the conditioning of single mother and dutiful housekeeping slave to society i am. My life is a struggle. Even though im only to blame as i do tend to be very self serving and orientated when i get me time and if the evenings are free at home i need to have my nightime joint and get stoned to wind down after the fucking day of work work work or sleeping from exhaustion of being a single mum and trying to achieve my masters degree at the same time. Apart from the weekends, they are soley for me and me only to enjoy the peace and freedom i deserve ,i take my daughter to my bezzlars every weekend and stay over with her and my mates kid and they usually get to bed around 6 so its party time. Cider and smoking the herb on a wekkened is my thang. Also i religiously watch and need to stay bang upto date with the soaps i love all the soaps. Enders,corrie and my most rigid yet favourite out of all of tv and soap operas, is EMMERDALE i fucking need to watch that at 7 so i know where i amm. If im not at my mates getting seshed up or stuck at home with my kid on my own and looking after my kid by myself. I tend to spend my evenings getting stoned and watching my soaps and the time before i go back to bed (9.30pm) is all i have to play with for my actual important stuff i should be doing but unfortunately, some of us have a career and parental responsibilities as well as priorities that hardwork and no play make very fucking intense on the psyche.. I try keep myself busy as i can do little and often here and there. I am currently working with different plantlife and using natural dyes i extract from them and create dyes naturally and use them for my homemade paper , recycled and from old scrap bits and collected paper scraps over time and i break down the paper and reformat the sheets and create new fresh clear leafs that i then use the plantdye to colour to suit the tastes or interests from outside individuals and preferences suitable to theyre asking. I bind my own books, hardcase, i use rag paper and canvass aswel as cardboard and waxthread or string to bind together the 30 leafs of A5 or B5 booklets that i tend to then emboss my watermark / stamp of identity, i hate plagurism . The time it takes to make the paper the dye and the case of the book itself its weeks at a time, then the actual piecing together of the dried sheets and ready casing and threads to work with. The length it takes and the hard wok i slave myself into the ground and put in, its certainly worth the price and is a bargain. All pure and natural dyes and colouring no artificial additions in my work. I use high grade canvas and rag paper and cardboard that is all top quality. I use all high grade materials if requests are made for me to create i tend to make depending on the type of client , if they dont care to be snooty i will use what i have readily available. I am an freelance fine art specialist with a BA with hons and surrently on my MA degree which ill pass and flying fast too since im basically the best talent at that place it should be piss easy. I tend to use my free time spare and i spend my time on social media when i can so if you or anyone would like to get intouch then they can have my very own facebook and wordpress account deets and they can get intouch through that. My mobile number is private as im trying to stay incognito from people that drain me by theyre problems and needs and wants i cannot supply to them so i avoid any messages and calls to my mobile unless its priority like my bezzlar or my mother or the school to say the minion has been naughty at school as per so muggings has to collect her and waste MY time alone as per usual, on seeing to her when it occurs, regardless of what IIIII may need to be getting on with, or in the middle with, and worse but not least, in midst of an afternoon nap, I like 3-5 hours when i nap cos i need it i deserve it the amount of energy i put out and about in the daily struggle of single parenting and juggling myyyyyyyyyyyy time i spare and downtime i need as well as free time to let loose and go on the prowl for some fit boys to sexually free my desires and self assurances, satisfactories i need to boost my ever large ego and keep it buzzing , if i never got my needs id be no artist and its all about livin hrough you and being able to enjoy and flow creatiiy drive passions and flow those into work and play in harmony/unless your me and its a struggle to get up and go anytime let alone di my load of housework duties and single mothering  working on a very hard and demanding MA degree .Good job i know already ill ace that MA like and graduate with hons by the end of the year. I am guarenteed that MA with my skillsmad my works im not worried about the lack of time and input i may of being held back rfrom achieving somehow, probally sleeping or watching my shows on a night stoned and pissed or busy living the little and spare time i ever get to sleep or get baked and trigger my creative flows. Usuallyi flood pinterest for ideas and inspirations, it saves time to use others inputs and fields with the various inspiring ideas online to take and work on and it saves time to be influenced by other artists and envoke theyre skills and ideas in my own work. I like gillian okeefe and my fave artists proper famous artists not pinterest wannabesm or amatures on art forums and places for self made delusional idiots with a high and wide from factual,sense of self and believe they are some kind of artist when they are just deluded and desperate more like. I favourite the mighty CORNELIA PARKER as her work on feminist pov and ideas she created using still images of zoomed in frames of flowers and natural artifacts . I like those that reflect the feminine body and show our delicate and natural fertility using her wide range of expertise in watercolours and pastels usually. I also like a bit of surrealism, although i aint a painting person and i havent the time like most to sit and complete full works of art in a weeks full time . I take my work seriously and appreaciate anyone that appreaciates me and my work and sees and notices all my hard work gone into my handmade or created artworks. I love hearing flattering and complimentary comments so please feel free. If you are saying anything less than credit to my efforts then save your breath. I dont waste time on jealousy.