Little Garden number 14

Little Garden number 14

Little garden arts

Apr 04, 2021


Mixed media
15 by 24 CM


Paper collage with organic, plant like, shapes.

Little garden arts

Little garden arts


About the artist

Lets see, my name is stephen, I am 58 years old, I have been an artist, in one way or another, since I can remember. I am disabled, suffering from Aspergers syndrome and chronic fatige syndrome, so I expect this to be hard work. I think of my work in terms of old fashioned self expresion. Shapes fascinate me, and colours, but not as much (I all ways think that there should be more colours). Despite that I mostly feel that my paintings depict eather organic or a man made subjecty matter (even though they might appear abstract). 

I have worked on several projects, including making imajes for a friends T shirt business and I have writen and ilistrated a childrens book, but fine art remains my first love.

I will probobly rewright this a hundred times before I am happy, so this will do for know.

:) :-) :lol: :-P :-| :-( 8-) :-o :-? :oops: :shock: ;-) :idea: :evil: :evilgrin: :exclaim:

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