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Red Barn

Red Barn



Apr 19, 2019 – (60 views)

A red barn under a stormy sky high winds move the tree in a frenzy of fall leaves.


Thanks alot Louie. Don😊😊
May 13, 2019 – Cartoonman
Thanks alot Louie.Don 😊😊😊
May 4, 2019 – Cartoonman
Excellent color contrasts !!!!!!!
Apr 21, 2019 – SHLOMYDRAWING
Wow that's all I can say is wow you never seem to amaze me you are a man after my own heart that's my style and photography you're just talented man
Apr 20, 2019 – Rebecca Diane Fairl
Looie that is Beautiful
Apr 20, 2019 – Antonio Azaria de Castro
Thanks for the ratings and comments. This was an exercise for me simply using 4 colors. I wanted it to be stark and bold.
Apr 20, 2019 – Looie25
Very nice detail. The dark stormy sky to the small flowers in the field excellent work . Rich
Apr 20, 2019 – Chris fairl
Apr 19, 2019 – Pai Art Studio

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