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    After 11 years of living, breathing, and loving the Big Island of Hawaii, I find myself once again on the mainland. My stay here may only be temporary, but what a beautiful journey it has been this far. To see family that I have not seen in a decade or longer, to travel ancient routes of my ancestors, to visit places my mind had forgotten but my heart yearned for, and to meet new faces has been a blessing.
    My current album Wind Speaks has been inspired by this visit, as well as finding some forgotten art projects. Each ceramic piece in Wind Speaks was created in 1996 or 1997 while I was in college. Back then, I had the vision of what they would become, however, life happened and time slipped away. These little medallions were securely packed away in various boxes. Some traveled with my late grandmother and aunt from Arizona to Wyoming and finally Washington to my Mother's home; while others were hidden in a storage unit for 11 years.
    Now like memories come to life, the once again see the light of day.

    Once I am back on Hawaii Island I will again be making baskets and other items that can only be made there.

    I have my A.A. degree in art from Central Arizona College. 1997

    Then, I specialized in ceramics and oil painting

    Now these creative hand have found resources at my fingertips and within my yard in Hawaii.

    I make woven gifts and art from coconut frond and other textiles

    These include baskets, dream catchers, and jewlery.