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I am a native of rural East Tennessee who grew up on my grandfather's farm surrounded by give siblings and a large extended family under the skyline of House Mountain and the Great Smoky Mountains.  My artwork is a unique crosshatch style of drawing in pen and ink, many of which are based on childhood memories. Many of the drawings which contain children are taken from the creative images I used from my three adult children (William, Matthew and Brittany) when they were young. Although pen and ink is my preference for creating; I also enjoy using acrylics. 

Most of my pen and ink drawings focus on the creation of a personalized style of art expression and "personal visual history" of my life and family especially during the years prior to integration. I grew up after the World War II and the Great Depression--a time period financially difficult for Black families. I recall when I was five years old the fond memories of my mother to loved that I like to draw and would save paper bags for me as drawing paper since art paper was a luxury we could not afford. 

My pen and ink "signature style" is easily recognizable by the faceless characters seen in much of my artwork. Each drawing possesses such detail; it tells a story of a special memory or lifestyle so the artwork's central character does not need a face for one to understand the emotion or story of the drawing. All of these drawings I created free hand using nothing more than my pens and maybe a ruler or the bottom of a juice glass to get that perfect circle. These creations contain hundreds and hundreds of lines. Most of my artwork is drawn to reflect the passionate memories of my youth.