Winter Blue

Winter Blue


Jan 06, 2017

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Photography done by me. Added Colors.




About the artist

Born an Artist!  I  do Photo Manipulations. Photo manipulation is a process to transform a photograph into a desired image.  I have advanced in knowing real models and well known artist that communicate with me from time to time. I use these models for my artwork and do credit them.

Thank you for looking and welcome. Comments and faving help our community.

Please DO NOT STEAL, duplicate, make changes, or harm my artwork.

In March 2014, I received an Honorable Mention Award for

and for a Halloween Contest (October 2014), I won and received a Camera, Mount, and other small items for

In February 2015, I received another Honorable Mention for

In June 2016, i received a Special Recognition Award for "Waterfall". Check it out in my gallery.

*****Anyone interested in my artwork for sale or interested in getting a Digital Portrait done of you or something you love (pet), ask me for details on here.*****

You can also find my greatest artwork at

Been on FM since May 30, 2013 @ 5:25pm



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